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Today at the United Methodist Men Spaghetti luncheon, we raised over $1100. That must be a record or something. I would like to congratulate all of our boys. Oh, and nine percent of that money comes from a $100 check a guy walked up and donated. Good job guys.

Our Winner

This last weekend, one of our own, Alex Cantrell, won the Knot Tying Competition at Scout Fair. He tried hard once and got a ridiculously fast score, but then somebody came and beat it. So, he tried again and got a record 36 SECONDS! That’s 6 seconds for each of the six knots he was told to tie! Apparently a kid from the troop that sponsored the competition knew the knots ahead of time and practiced them over and over again and got 34 seconds (2 seconds lower than Alex) but we came up and said it would be better if the kid who had no idea and just came up and did it got the award. So he did. And here is a picture of him with his trophy and his nutjob smile:Alex and His Trophy

Congratulations to new Troop 802 members!

I would like to welcome and congratulate our new troop members who just bridged in today at Santa’s Wonderland:


Unfortunately they could not come to the campout this weekend but they are coming to the metting this Monday, so I want each and every one of you to give them a warm welcome when that time comes.

I look forward to “officially” meeting them.

January 2011

Okay guys, this is a really big month for us.

Sunday, January 2nd: Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Saturday, Jaunary 8th: Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Saturday, Jaunary 15th: Disaster City (9 AM – 1:30 PM)

|   |   |   FEED IN  |   |    |
\/ \/ \/ FEED IN \/ \/ \/

Saturday, January 15th – Sunday, January 16th: Wood Badge-style campout — Battleship Texas canceled 🙁 (Leave Arrowmoon at 6 PM, get to church at 6:30 PM)

Saturday, January 22nd: Cub Scout Pinewood Derby! (help is appreciated)

(really appreciate the 24-hour-style time, Noah)

B/CS HP Update

Straight form our scribe Connor Thomas

We want our sign to say       Troop 802
                                      “A scout is clean..
                                   but not afraid to get dirty!”
                                           -Mike Rowe
We need people to help with: Troop Flag, American Flag, 2 for the sign, Wheelbarrow, and 2 for the shovels.

B/CS Holiday Parade

It should be pretty clear by now that we will be participating as pooper-scoopers in the Holiday Parade on December 5th. AMCMS Band members, I have spoken with Mr. Dixon about the possibility of riding on an 18-wheeler and performing. He said that he has not got any information on that, and at this point it is canceled. Please let me now about information for boys’ specific jobs so I can update the site accordingly. Stay tuned for more information.